What is your top priority if elected to the City Council?

My top priority is to keep our Santa Clarita Valley from turning into the San Fernando Valley. This means crafting solutions for addressing major problems we already face.

  • Traffic is terrible and getting worse. We must build more roads to accommodate housing projects that have already been approved.
  • Stop overcrowding by approving lower density housing.
  • Lower crime rates by increasing funding for law enforcement and programs that deal with drug addiction.
  • Create more well-paying jobs by building more light industrial and commercial space. Too many people have to commute to work every day.
  • Stop special interest groups from having so much influence on council members. Special interests should not be more important than good planning.
  • Make sure there is enough water to sustain us in drought conditions before approving massive new developments.

What financial experience do you have?

I have owned a several different small businesses, including a candy kitchen/shop, a submarine sandwich shop, and a property management business located in west Los Angeles. Currently, and for almost 20 years, I have acted as the Executive Director for the Canyon Theatre Guild (CTG), which requires running a small business (although it is a non-profit).

In addition, while on the City Council, I was responsible for on-time and balanced budgets of nearly 200 million dollars.

What are your thoughts on the Cemex mine?

The City must find a solution to the Cemex mine issue. If the Cemex mine is put into operation, not only will there be 1,200 trucks a day added to our traffic, but the dust particulates generated will pollute our air.  The particulate count will be over twice the level that the government has said is healthy, which will make breathing more difficult for us and for our children. To make matters worse, the topography of our valley is such that inversion layer will trap polluted air. The Santa Clarita Valley already has some of the worst air in the country.  The Cemex mine will make it far worse.

If elected, what will you do about the homeless situation in the Santa Clarita Valley?

I will work to create a collaboration between government agencies (local, state and national) and non-profit agencies to pool resources to address the issue. I will work to get the year-round homeless shelter actually built. The talking about building it has been going on for years— it needs to be done, NOW.

How do you plan to support economic development, and what is your opinion on the role of the SCEDC?

As a city council member I will do everything possible to create new jobs.  This includes a concerted effort to bring companies with clean industry to the Santa Clarita Valley and provide commercial/industrial spaces to house those companies. The role of the SCEDC should be to create jobs and to do everything possible to save existing jobs.  City resources should be dedicated to the SCEDC with the understanding that new jobs will be created.  In addition, the SCEDC should monitor city policies to identify and advocate for the elimination of those which discourage job growth.